Modern Kaiseki Cuisine Terra – 現代割烹Terra

Modern Kaiseki Cuisine Terra

  • Modern Kaiseki Cuisine Terra

Traditional and Innovative…
Japanese Cuisine from Australia.

In September 2017, Modern Kaiseki Cuisine Terra, the cutting-edge Japanese restaurant at Roppongi Crossing will make its debut. The menu is executed by Chef Teramoto, an innovative Japanese chef who, started out washing dishes in Australia, has been awarded Michelin stars and the title of Sydney’s Best Young Chef.
You will enjoy the superb visual presentation as well as the unique combination of Japanese cuisine with champagne and wine, the fusion of flavors Chef Teramoto brings from his earlier training experience in Australia.
Seasonal ingredients paired with wine selected by our sommelier allows you to experience the seasons of Japan with all five senses. Please enjoy!

Owner Tatsuya Teramoto
Born in Shimane. Trained to become a chef in Tokyo, and while he was there he set his goal to work in the kitchen in New York but dropped his plan due to the terrorist attack. Instead he moved to Australia on a working holiday visa and began working for a two Michelin star restaurant Yoshii. After 6 months working as a dishwasher, he got appointed to be the head chef.
First Asian chef to be chosen the Sydney’s Young Chef, and he has been invited all over the world to show his talent.
With his child’s arrival, he decided to move back to Japan. He took a position as a head chef at the restaurant Rin in Sangenchaya before opening Terra.


These courses menu will change depending on the seasons.
A reservation must be made beforehand in order to ¥15,000 course and Vegetalian course.
Also A la carte will arrival after 22pm.


¥10,000 course
The Golden Egg of Hinai Chicken
With sea urchin or truffle
assorted seasonal appetizer
Seasonal selection of sashimi
Seared WAGYU beef sushi
Grilled snapper “HOSHOYAKI” style
Cold soba topped with caviar and dashi foam.
Fresh ice cream
¥15,000 course
The Golden Egg of Hinai Chicken
With Sea Urchin or Truffle
Assorted appetizers
Umeboshi(pickled plum) & red sea bream tempura
Colinky and white bitter gourd marinated in Tosazu (Bonito-flavored rice vinegar dressing)
Smoked scallops and seasonal fruit with egg vinegar dressing
Today’s Sashimi
Seared WAGYU beef sushi
Deep fried dish
Tempura today’s cook
Cold soba topped with caviar and dashi foam
today’s meat
Seasonal fresh ice cream and fruit
Reservation only
Vegetalian course
Reservation only
Soup with Matsuake mushroom and Rausu-Kombu from Hokkaido
Vegetable sashimi with barley miso and grated wasabi
Ginger and baby leaf salad
Vegetable sushi 4 pieces
Mushroom tempura with matcha salt
Cold soba bowl
Miso glazed eggplant
Hinomaru (Japanese flag) tomato rice
Seasonal pickles
Seasonal fruit
A la carte
Golden egg signature(sea urchin/dried shiitake mushroom) ¥1,200
Fresh oyster of the day ¥600
Fresh oyster of the day(salmon caviar and yuzu lemon) ¥900
Fresh oyster of the day(caviar and aromatic Japanese pepper leaves) ¥1,100
Grilled oyster of the day ¥700
Assorted appetizers of the day ¥1,500
Sashimi of the day ¥1,800
Special Sashimi of the day ¥2,500
Tomato chilled ¥800
Chilled soba noodles, caviar, dashi foam ¥1,500
Charcoal grilled japanese chicken fragrant YUZU pepper ¥1,800
Fish dish of the day ¥2,000
Selection of tempura ¥1,800
Grilled fish MISO marinated black cod ¥1,500
Charcoal grilled Hida beef sirloin 50g ¥2,500
Charcoal grilled Hida beef fillet 50g ¥2,800
Today’s seasoned steamed rice ¥2,000
FUTOMAKI(SUSHI roll) ¥1,500
Red miso soup and clams ¥300
Today’s home made ice cream ¥600


Owner: Tatsuya Teramoto GM: Tomohisa Kato
Hours: 6PM – 11PM
Closed: Sundays
24 seats (private room available)
non-smoking (except in the private room with the use of Ploom TECH)
We accept Amex, Visa and Master cards. No electronic payment accepted.



One minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Roppongi station
Three minute walk from Toei Ooedo Line Roppongi station
Address: B1F Marusho Kobayashi Bldg.
5 Chome 1-1 Roppongi
Mitnatoku, Tokyo 106-0032